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UNA is a full-stack software platform for building custom community websites, social networks and collaboration hubs.

Use your own logos, grapics, styles, texts and domain name. You fully control and own all the site data, no strings attached.
Change the site navigation, pages, permissions, texts, forms, design and layout via UNA Studio. No coding skills required.
Go further! Instantly install and activate UNA Apps - modules, plugins, integrations, languages and design templates.
Energise your community with on-site and push notifications, site emails, comments, invitations, timeline and a real-time instant messenger.
Extensive cacheing engines support, custom-designed storage engine, onfly media trnascoders and support for externl storage.
RESTful, JSON-ready API for easy and secure integration with external apps. oAuth2 Server and login support for SSO integrations.
Choose the interface language that best suits your site or offer choice of many. Create your own translations and edit keys directly.
Automatic core and apps updates make UNA site operation seamless. Regular version releases keep your social website fast and secure.
Go mobile
Designed and developed for mobiles first, UNA presents as a mobile webapp, with every layout component optimised for mobile devices.
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Chris - I'd say that your 2 cents is worth a lot more than 2 cents! 
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thanks very clear 
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Hi Anton, thank you, I thought I understood :-)
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nice script
Vincent M 🇫🇷
Hello everyone, a week that starts again. Good week and good luck😜
Andrew Boon
Ooh yeah! We start it with "Start Guide" development. Finally putting together a definitive source of instructions and resources for installing and setting up.
Vincent M 🇫🇷
That is an awesome idea. I am thinking about creating documentation for mine as well. May even create a Space for it
Mark Purser
Jeremy, Vincent et al - you are very welcome to re-use our start guide as it evolves - or the parts of it that are relevant to your projects - and we will be inviting your input towards creating our guide as it evolves...
Vincent M 🇫🇷
The UnaFrench site is online for Francophones, with a complete "Documentation" of "Una" in French. The site will evolve in the next day ....
Vincent M 🇫🇷
Andrew Boon
Wohoo! Hey, Vincent, make sure to create a Blog Post on that and we'll promote it 😉
Vincent M 🇫🇷
Ok I will take the time to make a blog on the subject.
Cem Bagdatli
I am silent because delaing with the unmanaged-no cpanel debian server 😊 I installing everything from ground 😊
Vincent M 🇫🇷
Hello everyone, I wish an exelent weekend to all. There are days with and without days. Yesterday for me it was a day without. But today I am positive and decide to have the positive attitude. If you are strafing a problem, keep courage, be positive. Here is my mood of the day ....😜👍😃
Andrew Boon
Good day everyone!
Mark Purser
Hi Andrew - g'day mate!
Good Day Mr Boon sir. How are you this morning?
Jose G
Mark Purser
Andrew Boon
😊 Good times
New apps Channels gives this when installing Check the script version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of UNA
You should not install new applications planned for rc10 before the update, you really risk big problems if you do not do things in the right order and even if they seem compatible. Do not do it elsewhere than on a test site.
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