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Let me tell you our story.

UNA team is passionate about social software. Since the year 2000, we have been building tools that unite people, helping hundreds of thousands of aspiring webmasters. And yet, we saw that starting a social networking website can be needlessly complicated and limiting - most solutions require technical skills or won't let you customise.

We have built UNA to make establishing an online community easy - no coding needed, no update dramas and no massive development cost. UNA Studio offers unlimited customization potential and we offer support and implemetation service plans if you ever need help.

UNA effortlessly scales from small group sites to huge social networks. It's fast and secure. Every UNA component is an "app", which can be installed, activated or paused. UNA apps update automatically and installation is a breeze.

Most importantly, we give full freedom when it comes to licensing and data-ownership. We license UNA platform under the highly permissive MIT license, no strings attached. You control the site, data and the software. Source code is available at UNA GitHub repository.

Quite simply, UNA is a system for idea-people. Are you one of them?

Thank you and good luck!

Andrew Boon


P.S. This site is also powered by UNA (we eat our own cooking). So, if you want to test the system, create a free account and have fun...

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Question: How do I change names of categories in Polls, Posts, Albums, Articles, etc.? 

Editing data items in UNA forms.
UNA platform and UNA Apps feature various forms, which have fields pre-populated with data items. For example, Polls app has "Categories" field, with default options like... see more "Pets", "Health & Beauty", etc. Lists like these are called "Data Lists". 
Some data lists are meant to be changed when you are setting up your community. You can easily do so via Forms app in Studio.


Go to your site Studio and login to your Operator account.

Open the "Forms" app.

Go to "Data Lists" page in Forms.

Find the list you want to edit or rearrange.

Click the list and edit items.

Save and reload the page with the form to see the result. 

Here is a quick video showing the same steps...

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Various #tutorials, mostly #video, all for UNA. 
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Question: I am trying to change the text which is appearing on the cover can you let me know how to do this please? 
"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

Changing texts in UNA user interface.
UNA is multilingual. Therefore,... see more all interface texts are using so called "language keys", which in turn use installed UNA Language Apps. So, for example, if you have English and Russian apps installed, your site can present the interface in any of these languages. 
Changing the texts assigned to each key is done via Polyglot app in Studio.

All the keys can be directly edited via Polyglot, and the translations will be stored in the the database. 

Go to your site Studio and login to your Operator account.

Open the "Polyglot" app.

Go to "Keys" page in Polyglot (/studio/polyglot.php?page=keys).

Search for the text you want to edit to locate the right key.

Click "Edit" button and change the texts for any of the installed languages.

Save and reload the page with the text to see the result. 

Here is a quick video showing the same steps...
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8 May 17
Timișoara, TM, Romania
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This module adds the possibility for you (as site owner) to create a list of auto friends for your site. It means that all profiles which were added in the list become friends with the other site members or newly joined members automaticaly.
Any number of profiles can be added in auto friends... see more list. See Image #1.
It doesn't matter when profile was added in the list. It becomes a friend of all current and future site members.
Profiles can be easily removed from auto friends list. Two ways are available:
Remove profile from the list only. It means that this profile remains to be a friend with all current site members, but won't become a friend with newly joined members.
Remove profile from the list and unfriend it with all site members.

While you are adding a profile in the auto friends list you may add some description which will be attached to the profile. See Image #1.
"Auto friends" block on Home and Dashboard pages. In the aggregate with auto friend's description this block can be used as a reference book to show newly joined members which site member he/she can contact with in different situations. For example you may add 3 profiles in the list:
Yourself with "Administrator" as the description.
Mike - "Content Moderator".
Jane - "Sales Specialist".

Having this info newly joined member will definitely know who he/she needs to contact with in some situation. See Image #2.
Enable/Disable friend request. When it's enabled the module will send friend requests instead of adding profiles to friends automatically. See Image #3
#friend, #auto-friend, #friends, #friendship, #profile, #profiles, #help, #tool, #AQBSoft
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UNA Key & SecretPlatform UpdatesCommunity SupportEmail SupportPremium UNA AppsCloud HostingManaged Backups

* 1 site, 1 sandbox
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UNA Key & SecretPlatform UpdatesCommunity SupportEmail SupportPremium UNA AppsCloud HostingManaged Backups

* 1 site, 1 sandbox
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UNA Key & SecretPlatform UpdatesCommunity SupportEmail SupportPremium UNA AppsCloud HostingManaged Backups

* 1 site, 1 sandbox
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UNA Key & SecretPlatform UpdatesCommunity SupportEmail SupportPremium UNA AppsCloud HostingManaged Backups

* 1 site, 1 sandbox
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UNA Key & SecretPlatform UpdatesCommunity SupportEmail SupportPremium UNA AppsCloud HostingManaged Backups

* 1 site, 1 sandbox
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Launch your community instantly (ok, in 20 minutes) on our SSD-based cloud hosting. Fully managed by UNA team, including version updates, free access to premium apps made by UNA Inc, direct email support and regular backups. 
UNA Key & SecretPlatform UpdatesCommunity SupportEmail SupportPremium... see more UNA AppsCloud HostingManaged Backups
Cloud Server Details 


CPU Cores

GB SSD Storage

TB Transfer

Every UNA instance is residing on an isolated cloud server, with strictly allocated resources. No multi-tenanted SaaS hosting.
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We are committing to one particular goal - reaching one million real members registered at In this blog, we will be sharing everything we do to reach that goal; all the wins, fails, tricks, and ideas. Everything. Real data.
Why a million members?
The total count of real members is quite simply... see more the most straightforward and universally relatable metric; however, it's not the best indicator of the site success, admittedly. For most sites, a better indicator would be the number of active users. For some, it would be the online users count. Even more specifically, you could measure impact, content volume, or indeed, revenue.
Well, first and foremost, we want this blog to serve as a source of inspiration and factual experimental data that other community builders can apply in their own initiatives. Focusing on revenue or any specialised performance indicator could be too far removed from the goals of many communities. While is a software platform site with a unique market proposition, we hope to share findings that will work for anyone building a community site.
Setting the goal at a million is a milestone. We hope to reach it, surpass it, and set a new one. It also often seems to be a magic number, where any healthy community site finds sustained traction from viral expansion. A million members means that you've more or less figured out how to scale your software, hardware, support, and site administration. And unless you are building a Facebook clone, it also shows that you're likely one of the dominant players in your niche.
Are you building a web community?
Over the last 17 years, we have launched a number of community sites, some enjoying long-term success, some doing well for a short time, and most flopping quickly. If only we had read a blog like this 17 years ago!
Whatever kind of website you're creating - customer community, niche social network, interest-based club, online dating, social initiative, entertainment hub - this information is very likely to be useful.
We are using UNA - our own open-source platform - as the site software engine. You can use it too, but you don't have to. The information we are sharing is largely platform-agnostic. Using UNA would simply make it easier to reproduce any positive findings.
Starting from now was "soft-launched" a few months ago. We didn't promote it in any way since the main product was still in the active, pre-release, development stage. We have had a few registrations, and a little bit of organic traffic has been trickling in, but for the most part, is making a fresh start.
As from the 1st of April, we have 110 registered members.

It does not seem like much, but it means that over a hundred real people have given us their precious time and have created an account on That is already a great start. About 2-3 new registrations come daily.
As for the traffic, we have reached about 10 daily active users, with 100 weekly, 200 fortnightly, and just over 300 monthly users. 

In future posts we will dive deeper into other metrics, like pageviews, sessions, visits, bounce rate and such. For now, active users seems to be the most relevant indicator to track. 
Next up, bringing more people in.
For most A/B tests and experiments with conversions, we need a broader scope of reference. Simply put, we need a bigger number to work with. Therefore, next week we will be concentrating on early efforts to bring more people in, building up the initial flow of registrations.
Do not miss the next post.
Missing the next post may mean missing the opportunity to learn how to promote your community in its early stages.
Simply create a free account, and we will keep you updated about the new posts. Registration is free, and you do not have to create a public profile. The fun part is that by registering, you will help us to move one step closer to that '1,000,000' goal. Join and let us make history together!
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The App adds a new interesting feature on your site. It will allow your users to create video contets. Contest author may not take part in the competition, but if he wants he can became a one of the competitors. A contest may have 2, 3 or 4 competitors. The max number of competitors for the contest is... see more selected by its author during the creation. A contest automatically starts when necessary number of competitors was collected. When contest was started the other site members may vote and/or comment for contest's videos. During the contest creation the author should select its duration (in days). The duration starts to decrease immediately after the contest collected necessary number of competitors (started). When duration ends the contest will be automatically finished and competitors collect their scores. Main features:
Create a video contest.
Use categories to organize contests better.
Specify location (if it's needed).
Attach image which can help to describe a contest better and also make it more attractive.
Each contest has its own page with user friendly layout.
Share a contest's page in social networks.
Use Privacy settings to control an access to a contest view page and contest participation.
Vote for some video and comment it on afterwords.
Comment on a contest itself. User may do it without giving his vote to some video.
Author and all competitors will be notified when contest was started/finished.
Browsing capabilities:
Recent Contests block on home page.
Recent Contests page.
Popular Contests page.
Using categories.
Using search by keyword.
In Trident's Timeline.

Manage contests tool, which allows to easily manage your own contests in one place.
Administrator can limit a number of possible competitors (videos) per contest.
#extensions, #contets, #competitions, #videos, #opinions, #AQBSoft
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The fourth (and likely the final) beta of UNA 9 is, to put it mildly, extraordinary. Whole new modules, new features, core improvements and big-fixes in this update could easily justify a whole new version release. There is a lot! It is downloadable, upgradable and available now.
UNA v.9.0.0-B4 (beta... see more 4)
Significant changes:

Polls module
Files module
Stripe Connect module
Social Engine migration module
"Mark as featured" functionality
New "Protean" Template style mixes
Email notification for friend request
Default storage engine selection
Views engine improvements: views count and list of viewers
Events: reminders
Events: timeline post and browsing unit layout update
Events: new categories (old content is assigned to "Other" category)
Events/Groups: invite participants after creation
Albums/Posts: more paginate parameters
Timeline: new (additional) layout representation
Timeline: ability to post directly to site timeline
Timeline: integration for posted links
Timeline: RSS feed
Timeline: "share" functionality
Notifications: "repost" notification
Forums: search improvements
Protean: updated system mix styling
Posts: new view for snippets and cards layout
Payments: allow to manage currencies and other improvements
Payments: Trial Mode for Stripe
Accounts manager: ability to reset passwords, edit email and subscription preferences.
OAuth2: editing Name & URI for key&secret
Studio: link to homepage was added to all Studio pages

To make all new functions to work properly, add the following line to inc/ 

define('BX_SYSTEM_JAVA', '/path/to/java'); ///< path to java binary

before the following line:

define('BX_SYSTEM_FFMPEG', '/path/to/plugins/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.exe'); ///< path to ffmpeg binary

Replace /path/to/java to the real path to java binary.

Please refer to UNA 9.0.0-B4 Release Note in GitHub for download link and more details.
All those new apps... what are they?
Most notably, we have Polls, Files and Stripe Connect apps in UNA now. 
Polls app allows your community members to post interactive surveys, polls, questions, with multiple-choice answer options. Reply/vote counts are represented as a bar chart, with options for anonymous or open voting. 
Files app is a file-sharing module, with support for various file formats and integrated "viewer". Site members can upload and share files, preview documents prior to download and choose visibility options. 
Stripe Connect adds additional layer to UNA Stripe payment system integration, allowing for automated distribution of funds to sellers in community Marketplace, powered by the UNA Market app. Visit for more info on Stripe Connect.
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Process Marketplace payments via Stripe Connect. Stripe handles multi-user payments, identity verification, tax reporting, and more. 
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