Community Management System

UNA is the best software platform for building your own community websites, custom social networks and collaboration hubs.

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We eat our own cooking. UNA.IO is powered by stock UNA platform. Join for free to try UNA in action, download latest updates, subscribe to our blog and network with other webmasters, developers and idea-people.

Mobile Done Right

UNA platform is designed as a Progressive Web App. Every UI component is optimised to work flawlessly on any screen, maintaining consistent behaviour and full functionality across all platforms and all devices.

No native code support overhead. No need for approval from Apple or Google. Instant updates. Unconstrained monetisation. Multi-platform compatibility. Seamless interapp behaviour. Unified customer experience. Users don't need to bother with visiting an app store to download or update your app.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo

UNA team is passionate about social software. Since the year 2000, we have been building tools that unite people, helping hundreds of thousands of aspiring webmasters. And yet, we saw that starting a social networking website can be needlessly complicated and limiting - most solutions require technical skills or won't let you customise.

We have built UNA to make establishing an online community easy - no coding needed, no update dramas and no massive development cost. UNA effortlessly scales from small group sites to huge social networks. It's fast and secure. Every component is an "app", which can be easily installed, activated, paused and updated.

Most importantly, we give full freedom when it comes to licensing and data-ownership. UNA platform is licensed under the highly permissive MIT license terms, no strings attached. You control the site, data and the software. Quite simply, UNA is a system for idea-people. Are you one of them? Then come and join us!