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Build your own community

UNA is a full-stack software platform for building custom community websites, social networks and collaboration hubs.

Use your own logos, grapics, styles, texts and domain name. You fully control and own all the site data, no strings attached.
Change the site navigation, pages, permissions, texts, forms, design and layout via UNA Studio. No coding skills required.
Go further! Instantly install and activate UNA Apps - modules, plugins, integrations, languages and design templates.
Energise your community with on-site and push notifications, site emails, comments, invitations, timeline and a real-time instant messenger.
Extensive cacheing engines support, custom-designed storage engine, onfly media trnascoders and support for externl storage.
RESTful, JSON-ready API for easy and secure integration with external apps. oAuth2 Server and login support for SSO integrations.
Choose the interface language that best suits your site or offer choice of many. Create your own translations and edit keys directly.
Automatic core and apps updates make UNA site operation seamless. Regular version releases keep your social website fast and secure.
Go mobile
Designed and developed for mobiles first, UNA presents as a mobile webapp, with every layout component optimised for mobile devices.
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stan laurentiu
Nevermind I got it.
Hi Guys, I'm new here ... can anyone help me with Download of UNA platform ... it is not downloading (almost an hour now ... the download seems to be going on and on ...)
travis k
hi, i am looking for developer who can create this module for me in una https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=945
travis k
where i can find developer who can do this task for me ..please help
Andrew Boon
Hi 😊
Hi Andrew 😊
Andrew Boon
Hey Jeremy!
Hope things are well for you bro
Andrew Boon
Yes, all good. Very busy month - the final release for v9 is coming, and we're putting together online.me as a sample deployment.
Very awesome to hear! I've already preregistered for online.me when it first was made known. I've noticed the modules that were removed here. I think it's the right direction.
Will Monte
Sliding thru, from NY area. Hope all is good
Bronx? Queens? Staten Island?
Will Monte
Oh ok. Cool. New York is great. I'm from New Orleans
Will Monte
Yes thanks, I heard it's nice in New Orleans. It's late over here, have a goodnight brother!
Its home. Late here too. 1am. Goodnight bro.
Andrew Boon
UNA.IO is back in full swing! We're bringing back some modules we previously deactivated, like Articles and Albums. They do make sense here after all. Just need to keep . them clean and organised.
Sounds awesome. Its Una articles module?
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