Comment to 'Jot Server Config and SSL Questions'
  • Hi Alexey, Thanks for your replly.

    Question #1: I got it. Thank you.

    Question #2: Well, that will be a big hassle editing config/config.json every 90 days. IMHO, I think you should have thought about AutoSSL users aswell when developing the Jot server and the Messenger App. AutoSSL comes standard with cPanel and WHM, it's pratical, automatic and free. It powers over 2 million websites worldwide.

    We are not developpers and the small script you mentioned which allows to update config.json file with new params every 90 days automatically should have been a core feature of the Jot Server for Self-hosted UNA sites and AutoSSL users.

    Is there any chance to see that small script as a core feature in the next Jot Server and messenger update?