Comment to 'Jot Server Config and SSL Questions'
  • Hi @LeonidS Thanks a lot for the reply. It works.

    First I went to the Jot Server directory where the app,js file is located.

    I run the command:

    forever stop app.js

    but I received this error:

    Forever cannot find process with id: app.js

    Then i checked the forever process using the command:

    forever list

    It returned this result:

    No forever processes running

    I understood that there was no process to stop.

    Then I run this command (it's more direct than the one you gave me):

    forever -w --watchDirectory=/home/xxxxx/ssl/certs/ start app.js

    It worked, my Jot Server was resurrected. My Messenger was back too. Everything works fine now

    Also the command: forever list now returns the app.js in its result.

    Thanks a lot for the support. Hope this helps someone running into the same issue.