Comment to 'UNA 12 "Antares" Released'
  • Thank you so much. The speed has improved a lot. So much in fact that we have removed our site from CDN. concerning learning module.. have you looked into integrating Moodle, one of the most advanced Learning Management Systems, and open source too, of course?

    • Great to hear! Yes, we did look at Moodle, and frankly left unimpressed. It is built around Wiki with "somewhat" integrated plugins, which may work well for a tech team configuring a custom LMS installation, but may be overwhelming for a not-so-technical operator. As a result, most Moodle installations are quite messy. I believe we can do better, though they have had a 20-year lead on us. :)

      On the other hand, I must admit that Moodle team is undeniably some of the most respected pioneers of LMS software and open-source web software in general.