Comment to 'UNA 12 "Antares" Released'
  • Thank you so much UNA team for all your hard work. Many years ago I started with Dolphin, back in the Stone Age of Boonex. Before that, I had tried many of the other software products out there. From the very moment I stumbled onto Dolphin, I knew it was the answer to my dilemma. After looking around and reading on the Boonex website, I saw that there was an amazing team of people that shared the same passion. I was hooked.

    To this day, the same people on that team are still here. Not only is this software THE BEST of its kind, The Team that we the users must communicate with are amazing. I've been in these parts for a very long time, and watched all of this evolve into what it is now, UNA. My biggest thing is my site being mobile friendly, and mobile smooth. UNA is that way beyond my expectations. Proud to be using UNA. Thank you so very much! :)