Comment to 'Multiple database errors still in UNA 13 B1'

  •  Still dealing with the same errors and yes all modules have been upgraded. I feel they are coming up when people are going to pages or crawlers are going to pages. It is all the same as above just sometimes it may be a different group or profile links someone is loading. I can go around whole site clicking without any database errors. Every day though same time in morning and around same time at night these errors occur. Very strange, one thing I did do though is I enabled SEO links, so wondering if it is related to that. Part of me though thinks it is all related to charts. I have been doing different troubleshooting to see. I have been to busy with real work to get around disabling seo links again and testing. All the errors though, sometimes there will be specific profiles or group url's but same database errors. Quick update: Checked for heck of it quick and seen errors when someone was just looking at a profile. All errors are either charts or fans/friends of personal/organization profiles, groups, and probably the other context areas as well if I tested them.