Comment to 'UNA 10 Beta 1 Released'
  • Nice! I do have one question/concern though... First, my UNA version says 9.0.0 and NOT 9.0.1. Is that an issue?Also, I DO see the update available in Studio: "UNA 10.0.0-B1 is available!" So if I want to install it, I can. If I do not want to install it, I need to remove the option for auto-upgrade correct?

    • Well I figured out why I am so different. Seems the UNA 9.0 version I originally downloaded here at UNA already had the inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php set to /Beta/ already. Not sure how since I never altered that file so, I never got the update to 9.0.1. Looks like I will need to do that first.. 😡 

        • The difference between 9.0.0 and 9.0.1 is only the one is from main branch and the other from Betas. If you have 9.0.0 it will suggest to update and will only update to 9.0.1. After that you will need to rewrite the line in the upgrader file as explained in my post and perform update to 10.