Comment to 'UNA 10 Beta 1 Released'
  • Same here!

    • Tim - So that says you upgraded to 9.0.1 which is what you need to do first. Your modules WILL FAIL but that is OK for the moment. You will need to edit your inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php to this below.


      protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = '_';


      protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = '_';Go back into Studio > Dashboard and you should see the 10 B1 update available. Click it to upgrade to 10.0.0-B1. When that completes, your modules will then be successfully updated. This should happen automatically.

      • Mine completed in just a few minutes assuming your cron job is setup properly.
        • Chris, I wish I had the option to do that but I can not have access to control panel with UNA Cloud Hosting and cannot make the changes, so I am on hold until I get a response from UNA Support. None yet.