Comment to 'It takes a village to build a mind.'
  • Very interesting, it's so well written! I am pleased to share your thoughts on this broad topic and your vision of the digital world. I find it healthy and reassuring for myself.But also, everywhere, one feels a kind of invisible force that tries to fabricate a world where only a single kind of thought subsists or the "good" is systematically defined by itself and all that comes out of this thought is necessarily the wrong.Today the monopoly of business manufactures the monopoly of thought, but is not it said that abuse is harmful in everything?I wonder if we are not in a period of change, where the men - the people - are beginning to wonder again about the meaning of what they are doing and you probably see me like movements everywhere. in the world who are trying to regain control of their destiny.I do not think that the digital world is very different from the real world, look for example in France, nine billionaires hold all the information, you see, where is the difference? It's not the information they paid dearly, it's the control of thought.Virtual? Yesterday I took beautiful paper, I wrote, I posted. today, I send an e-mail. So the support is virtual, yes, but deep down, it's my fingers that write what my brain dictates to them.And somehow, you conclude by saying, UNA is a good platform because it is an anti-nightmare weapon that can precisely help to save the most important.Finally you could have titled your article with something like "Advocacy for Diversity" this is the most important and it must absolutely survive otherwise life on earth could become a real hell. We can see that when it starts to run out, the big problems begin.Monopolies vs Diversity, it may be the 21st century war, and it will be hard to lead, so I think the leaders you are talking about are also brave warriors starting with yourself. Well it's cool, we are in the same camp ;-)

    • You are right - information, money, influence - all of there are types of value that humans are competing for. It’s the war of all centuries, simply taking different forms. 

      In fact, monopolisation effect is also part of how nature works. Strong get stronger, weak get weaker.  Rich get richer, poor stay poor.  The biggest puppy gets all the milk. In isolated environment this tendency is inevitable. We also know that we can’t simply force redistribution - it would disproportionally benefit underperformers and destroy excellence. In social structures history we already went through disasters of forced redistribution. Equality of outcome has got to be the most stupid and destructive idea humans ever conceived  

      Luckily natural ecosystems are not isolated. They change. Change of environment is the absolute best way of bringing about a long term equality of opportunity. No matter how big a locust plague is, it will collapse at some point - due to some natural change, like a huge storm, drought or hurricane. Tech world monopolies can be a lot more resilient than locust, though and the hurricane that would change the environment has to be purposefully built. Not a destructive hurricane, mind you, but a hurricane of new ideas and initiatives that changes the tech landscape enough to subdue tech monopolies or force them to adapt and become cooperative players.