Comment to 'It takes a village to build a mind.'
  • Nice thoughts and very inspiring - until the last block about UNA. ;-)Una has a long way to go to fit what you are describing in the article.The biggest Problem is, that the community around UNA is not such community as mentioned.I have to use wordpress to generate the content I want and include all with inframes.WTF````????? It is 2019 - WHY????????That´s like beaming backwards in time ....For UNA to become the community software of the future - UNA has to have ALL THE THINGS other communities has in the past AND have some extra. Sorry, but that´s what it looks like.You hav to be better in EVERY single Point - in EVERY Design, Usability, SEO, Customisation, Plugin-Support, and so on.But the backend is like in 2003 or something. I hav to click several times to edit a page, and then I miss the editor to have WYSIWYG content in a SIMPEL PAGE !!!WAKE UP - WAKE UP - WAKE UP