Comment to 'It takes a village to build a mind.'
  • Good points, Martin. UNA does have a long way to go to make a significant difference. I do not pretend it to be some deus ex machine that would change the world overnight. Building a platform like this the way we choose to do it is a tough gig. We are bootstrapping, which allows us to stay independent, but definitely slows down the development. The scope of work is also literally unlimited, plus we have to redo the old stuff regularly (as you said, what was OK I’m 2009 is not OK in 2019), but we do know how to persist and this will help us to prevail. 

    I do refer to UNA as a “good” platform in an ethical and moral sense - it’s a good, much needed concept. Any current instantiation may be fantastic for some and completely useless for others. Goodness is a matter of integrity - being consistent with own values and acting towards improvement.