Comment to 'It takes a village to build a mind.'
  • With UNA, no one should need Wordpress again. Sure, there are thousands of third-party plug-ins but compatibility issues are common because the core platform was created by WP - not the same third-parties. Likewise for the popular third-party "page editors" such as Elementor.

    Imagine building a site on Wordpress, then buying an expensive template from somebody else (yes, the selection is vast and impressive), then a bunch of plug-ins from somebody else. And then you need a basic "page editor" from somebody else because the one built into WP is clumsy and outdated. No thanks - I don't need 4+ levels of complexity and customer support from 4+ difference sources whose default is blaming the other 3 sources when things do not work.

    UNA code, technologies, and integrations, are unified, modern, concise, and efficient. That is fact - not opinion. As for editing a page, it's never taken me more than one click to reach the simple text editing options.

    True, the page formatting and design editing could be documented better and I trust they will be before much more time passes by.

    UNA already has so many features there is a real danger of making things too complicated and confusing for the visitors to your site. Yes, to you the site administrator, it's not confusing because you deal with it every day. But others don't and they are not interested in trying to figure out what all the different icons mean. Or where they should post their picture or latest post. Etc.

    Example - if you have videos in your timeline updates, and messaging, and your discussions, your blog posts, and your video module itself, some people may have trouble finding them later. Of course, others may feel a need for video in every corner of the site and happily adjust to that reality.

    Cheers to all my UNA brothers and sisters. And thanks to all the UNA team. You guys really care - and it shows.