Comment to 'No Join Button on Groups List Page'
  • Hi Baloo. Yes, I found two Join settings in the Items of Navigation. Both were set to ON. And in the Developer settings, the visibility settings looked correct.

    In my custom styles, the only thing pertaining to buttons was:

    .bx-btn.bx-btn-disabled, .bx-btn.bx-btn-small.bx-btn-disabled:active {

        background-color: rgba(20,40,60,0.7);


    No other buttons seem to be missing.

    To make matters more complicated - when I tried another MIX in the Protean Template, there was no change. No change from light to dark mode even though I cleared the caches at the Dashboard and the Browser, too. After each change.

    I just moved to a VPS server. Could it have a separate caching mechanism?

    I'm stumped!