Comment to 'Warming up to UNA'
  • With a one-time payment model, do you expect the developers to continue to support the software with bug fixes and work for free, and/or price the support into the one-time payment?

    In the end I think it's a wash in one-time vs subscription. You'll end up paying the same over time. Subscriptions are typical cheaper in the beginning when your evaluating because you can stop subscribing instead of committing to a much higher initial price.

    In regards to not many third-party plugins/apps, I personally think Una is not well known, doesn't rank well in Google (there were many terms I used to try to find community software, but Una didn't show in the majority of the searches/terms), and its homepage doesn't do a good enough job of selling it and fully explaining the features.

    • Michael Newton  I can see a lot of the groundwork is there, but I would still say the platform is mostly geared toward community sites. If Una wants to be used for more, then there needs to be more ready-made blocks and a visual workflow editor that make it easy to create standard web pages or apps without coding.

      There are a lot of other platforms like or that allow for much more control over the site you're building. Where Una shines, in my opinion, is in its community-type features and the speed at which you can get a site up and running without needing to spend months building out a permissions system, a payment system, a discussion system, and all of the other parts of Una that are as simple as turning them on and creating content.

      • Jeremy Crisp  my site is currently powered by Boonex Dolphin 7.4.2.  It was working fine on 7.3.5 and when the upgrade to 7.4.0 came out I jumped in not realizing all the incompatibility issues with third party modules etc.  What a fiasco that was. since then I have been a bit put off by all things Dolphin and thought to try out UNA in earnest.

        The key features on my dolphin site are forum (orca), articles (advanced Articles Modzzz), and Photos (Boonex).  I have spent lots of money on 3PM (3rd Party Modules) to extend dolphin over the numerous years I have ran it.

        So, yes I was surprised that photos and articles were paid options (subscription) on UNA. I thought my premium license would include them.

        Anyway - Gents, I was just voicing an opinion here. Not wrong or right but my opinion. I am glad to see responses to the discussion as it allows the various thoughts to flow. Thanks all.

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        • I have always liked mods by Modzzz Top notch work. Definitely helps having participation. I had stopped my site at 7.3.5 also due to the same but once UNA came out for release, I jumped onboard and glad I did.