Comment to 'Warming up to UNA'
  • Keith Fawcett I think they are trying not to just say this is community software, it's not. The options for what you can achieve are endless.

    Mark Purser posted recently how they are working towards a setup feature where you can choose the type of site your making. Community, dating, online stores etc.

    Not sure if many are aware but this is the best resource to learn UNA.

    • Michael Newton  I can see a lot of the groundwork is there, but I would still say the platform is mostly geared toward community sites. If Una wants to be used for more, then there needs to be more ready-made blocks and a visual workflow editor that make it easy to create standard web pages or apps without coding.

      There are a lot of other platforms like or that allow for much more control over the site you're building. Where Una shines, in my opinion, is in its community-type features and the speed at which you can get a site up and running without needing to spend months building out a permissions system, a payment system, a discussion system, and all of the other parts of Una that are as simple as turning them on and creating content.