Comment to 'Warming up to UNA'
  • So what does it come out of this discussion? well, everything is fine, but people from Dolphin, which is my case and I see that I'm not alone, are happy except that they are a little frustrated that the market is poor, which strongly restricts the possibilities.Andrew has already explained that with the experience of Dolphin, he hopes that the time needed to increase UNA's (well-deserved) reputation will solve this problem.I am perplexed about this, people who know the Dolphin market know that it was mainly filled by two entities, AQB and Modzzz, and if we remove the modules made by these two, there is not much left.Modzzz did not follow where he came on a camel and lost his way in the desert, AQB is still very busy working on the core, so the time, he misses.I'm not a marketing specialist, and I do not know what's the solution to that, what I know is that it's a problem, because the time is good, but I do not like not vegetate. Jeremy, a good SEO is not to find a site by looking after his name, when we search so it's necessarily because we already know, what is needed is to attract those who do not know not yet. So in my opinion what Keith Fawcett says is not stupid and is probably to be improved, some good articles for developers could not help bring them here? Maybe some specific videos to develop on Youtube too?I do not know, but it's a subject that will come back to the table often as long as things do not change.