Comment to 'Warming up to UNA'
  • I loved my website in Dolphin. Dolphin had features way ahead of even major sites like Facebook. I used to show off my site in college and people were amazed by all the cool features it had that simply didn't exist on other major sites. I mentioned this before that I liked how members could switch backgrounds, fonts, font colors, borders, etc. I also loved alot of the 3rd party mods. I tried to talk to a couple developers to try and get permission to use paid for scripts and get them reformatted to UNA. Maybe UNA could work on a mod that can do that like you can with transferring Dolphin to UNA. Also maybe members that have had custom work could sell their custom mods on the market. Maybe Dolphin developers could sell "rights" to mods that are already purchased so the buyers can have UNA team develop a custom mod for it in UNA. I really don't wanna see those mods go to waste when the developers can make money still by selling purchasing rights to the original scripts. Or maybe UNA can get the rights to the scripts and make UNA mods and everytime an UNA mod is bought, the Dolphin developer can get a certain percentage of the money.