Comment to 'how much cost me finally a complete Una ? '
  • Please clarify for the feeble-minded:

    ALL PowerApps can be purchased for $50 (or $50/month if you want auto-updates)

    By 'all' do you mean every one in a complete set or each one separately?

    Where (the link, please) do you purchase them all for this one time price - if this is possible? 

    To further inquire, there is a plan in place just to buy all of the powerApps one time rather than rent them for a monthly fee?

    And so, you are allowing a cheaper price for those who do not auto update? Yes or no?

           Much thanks!

    • Each PowerApp is priced individually. You have option to rent it by month or year ($ 50 / month or year). If the price is not mentioned as per month or year, then it means you buy it permanently (mostly third party Apps are available in this category).

      You cannot buy all Apps in one go, I think those are available under Big price plans, which you can browse in Marketplace and will understand it based on above guideline. 

      • To clarify here, ALL of the Powerapps are available via the Pro Plan or Cloud Plan subscriptions from $50 per month for ALL of them. There are other options to purchase individual Pro apps for about $50 each PER YEAR. If you are going to be using any more than a few, it generally works out better to get the Pro Plan. All subscriptions include auto-updates and direct support.