Comment to 'Login / Join'
Comment to Login / Join
  • But what I could observe in the last year here is the following:

    Anyone who registers on the sites must first create an account and then a profile.

    This is where it starts to get complicated for many users, because the account and profile creation are divided into 2 different steps.

    On other sites you normally only create a profile and then you are registered.

    Here you create the account and many users often do not understand that they then have to create a profiler!

    But you could compensate for this by offering the registration steps like a tour, or combining the account and profile creation with profile selection in one step and one popup!

    That's why I said before that you should make many steps easier here..

    The same applies to settings and administration.

    there should be a page where you can manage all settings or management of friends followers profile visitors and the content of your own modules!!

    Creating a separate page for everything may be clear to some, but not many.