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  • Hi all

    I want to share my experience with the registration system.

    I manage 2 professional social networks. Both register people looking for job opportunities and companies looking for staff.

    Therefore, for these networks it is extremely necessary that people can choose how to register (Person or Organization) and accordingly complete a different registration form.

    This is how it works today (video:

    However, the numbers show me that there is a problem with the registration system, since a very significant % only create the account and do not complete any profile (Person or Organization). More than 34% in both networks.





    image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=662&dpx=1&t=1661717168Personally, the procedure is easy for me, but obviously something happens that makes many people not complete the profile and leave, which is obviously bad for my business.

    At first I thought this was happening due to people's lack of attention, but today, with more than 34% of people not completing the registration, I wonder if the problem is the system.

    What I propose, I think it is the same that other people propose here, is to unify in a single form the request for data to create the account and choose the type of profile (Person or Organization).

    I believe that this does not alter the work logic of UNA and the worst that could happen is that the person, after completing this first form, does not complete the second form (Person or Organization), which would leave an account the same as today no profile, but honestly I think the chances of this happening would decrease considerably.


    • I still believe it should be in the initial registration. Another words. Even though we are not trying to build sites similar to other Social networks, there are things that have been done that just work. There's no other way around it.

      For instance... There's a reason Facebook asks you this right off the bat. Because it works... There are just ways that should be similar. Its because it works, its easy and doesn't confuse the user. Sometimes there is simply put, a certain technique that works. It has nothing to do with whether another site does it a certain way.

      Whether your creating a Profile or an Organization? It should be the first thing you choose. And then it continue on to that particular registration.