Comment to 'Does anyone know what part or module or widget that is the bottom toolbar in this photo? '
  • The code for this button is in mobile app App.js file:

    <Button vertical onPress={this.onMessengerMenu.bind(this)} badge={['notifications-messenger'] > 0 ? true : false}>
        {['notifications-messenger'] > 0 && 
        <Icon name="comments" type="FontAwesome5" solid />

    To change it to your own you can replace it with this:

    <Button vertical onPress={() => this.injectJavaScript(`window.location = '${BASE_URL}page/privacy';`)}>
        <Icon name="car" type="FontAwesome5" solid />

    Just change, page/privacy URL and car icon to your own, icon name can be any icon from FontAwesome5 set: