Comment to 'Messenger 11.0.0'
Comment to Messenger 11.0.0
  • I know it's convenient for many to add the conversations on ALL separate pages into the messenger listing but I want people to navigate to the page separately. Also I think it would be better to remove the word "Page" next to Shout Out. [ See Screenshot]. The reason why I want other chats besides main messenger separate is because I want to eventually add the ability where only certain members can be able to message in Shout Out which is just another re-wording of Shoutbox. Separation of these chats can help prevent bugs or glitches in the future. Last I'm not too fond of where the user has to press to start messaging. I think it was better on the bottom in the previous version like how the "Leave a comment" box is in the screenshot

    • About Shout Box: if you create custom messenger blocks on different pages, it will use Page title as title for the talk by default. We will add ability to edit titles of the talk in the nearest version. You may remove Page: prefix in language keys for messenger in Studio->PolyglotAbout Post area text: You may see it on your first screenshot Message... title. You can also change it via Polyglot.

      • I would like separate page Shout Box massages  to not be included in the messages in Messenger. I want people to eventually upgrade to a different paid level or use credits to get access to Shout Box and I also want people to travel to the separate page to view Shout Box messages. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of a separate page/module for Shoutbox and looks too much like a Group message system