Comment to 'How to add a Cookies Consent popup'
  • I followed the instructions, however, on the Cookies Consent site after you create the code, there are two code boxes, one for the Header and one for the Body.

    I placed each in their respective boxes and clicked "Submit". I could see the url at the lower left pop-up and something was happening, however I never received the notification pop-up that confirmed any changes. 

    If I navigate away from that injection tab to anywhere else and return, the boxes are empty. Same goes for the Splash enabler box, I check it and hit save and it even confirms the changes, but when I navigate away and return, the box is unchecked.

    Do I need to somehow duplicate the Protean template before I am allowed to make changes in Designer?

    I do not see how this would change anything, as I was able to easily add my logo and all of that.

    Thank you in advance!