Comment to 'Disable sharing to other services?'
  • Hi,
    OK, it worked! Thanks a lot!

    One more stupid question. I know, it is more or less OT here but combines because is a manner of "deactivate" something else:

    Is it possible to "deactivate" this system of "friendship"? Or better, trying to explain with an example: lets assume we have two (o more) groups. The football - players and the volleyball - players. My goal is to have all footballers and volleyballers in their corresponding group.All the footballers should read / see the articels for footballers - not only those who are friends. On the other site the footballers should not be able to read or post (disturb ;) in the volleyball - group. And yes: being a member of the corresponding group should be mandatory.

    Was playing around with it - but without success. OK,eighter it is impossible - or I didnt find in the deep of the configurations?

    Thanks for any hint - and sorry if it is the wrong place here!

    Cheers Walhalla