Comment to 'The importance of News Letter'
  • "Sometimes they're akin to kick-starting a stalled car," Yes Andrew, the comparison is excellent. And there are plenty of parts that can break down in a car, so many subjects to treat and eyes that have to look everywhere.

    You are right, after spending two hours writing a beautiful newsletter, at the time of sending it, we hold on the title to give it, and ultimately the simplest is probably the best.

    Also about the title, "♥ Newsletter October 2017" knowing that ♥ is also the favicon of my site, and a good visual cue to attract attention.

    All my notifications are signed in the same way, so before you even read, you know who the sender is.

    Thank you for your opinion, there is still much to say, know that I read your articles with great interest and that I think they are strong useful.