Comment to 'Mind your Notifications People!'
  • Perfect! I thought the thing you was talking about was actually user personal preferences. I have now muted all notifications comging from my site except for new friend. there doesn't seem to be a new mail, maybe i havn't got something installed. When I joined the UNA side of this site i got hundreds of emails all that someone did this and someone did that, it sent me emails for the activity of every thing lol. i didn't want that to happen to my members. but a mail saying, new friend or new mails is ok

    • i killed off my first 3 months of adopters trying to decide between taking things away they were used to, versus teaching them to only have certain things go to email that they will see, but need not be aware of- like a new friend.but notifications are annoying in real life because the computer (the synthetic system) was programmed to do stuff that wouldnt happen in nature... in nature if something beeped or demanded your sensory attention that much without much functional return you would bury it, remove it, ask it to stop, reason with it, etc, or eat it, or take it for a long walk.. lmfaothe rest of my comment is here: