Comment to 'Dolphin website "migration" to Una, it's possible!'
  • Hello Mark, about the marcket, yes, it is filled, but the drip, we would like a big boost. Remember, I made the same remark as Will Roberts a few months ago, and as he says, compared to the choice dolphin offered, there is still a lot of work to be done. For Modzzz, are you absolutely sure? Because it's been so long that we talk about it, that frankly I start to doubt ...

    Also I have a question about the modules. So, if I'm fine, I take any AQB module, I edit two lines and I put on sale twice cheaper. Maybe license MIT allows this, but morally, I would be ashamed to do it. Would you do that? I would be very surprised if you did it ... So I understand the question on this subject, and I would like a more precise answer. Yes is exactly the limit?

    Also thank you for your encouragement :-)

    • Modzzz announced the transition to UNA, but apparently, they're still learning the new structure. 

      As for copying an app from AQB or anyone... You can do whatever the app developer license is allowing. We release all our apps under MIT - so you can build upon any of our apps and resell, but we still reserve the right to delist a product from the UNA Market if it doesn't add value, or is in effect a slight tweak of an existing app. As for AQB - they are listing their products under different license terms, which imply different rules. Remember, MIT license is not viral - you can take our Posts module for example, rebuild it and release your product under a proprietary license if you want.  

      In other words - we are largely giving away most of our modules, yet we do not require everyone esle to do the same.