Comment to 'What if?'
Comment to What if?
  • Good point. Wider audience would mean more trouble. By “strangers” I mean those who are building community sites, but may be more reliant on other software - like Rocket.Chat, Dolphin, even Elgg, SocialEngine, etc.

    Perhaps just products that have integrations with UNA could be allowed, but general point is to allow discussions like, say, asking for “help in setting up Discourse categories” or “Rocket.Chat performance issues” - something we’d usually throw back to the vendor support. 

    As for scale of UNA.IO activity, we’d welcome growth for sure as it allows us to test and improve the platform under more stressful conditions. On the other hand, we may lose some depth in UNA-focused discussions. 

    Just thinking out loud. 

    • It would make sense, but how would one know the new users/members are here to discuss development. Let's say umm 50 or more new members would join, each one were to post a link in a forum, that's 50 links that is floating around here, one of us clicks on the link and God knows what could happen. It's a tough decision, but you don't want UNA to have a bad reputation that it's full of spam and malicious links. Just saying. :/