Comment to 'What if?'
Comment to What if?
  • I do not go much on, but the last time I was there was a few days ago, I saw things that really displeased me.

    When Will talks about hate, well what I saw is that in reality. I saw some stupid accusations about you personally Andrew.

    There are some people there who really do not like UNA and what worried me was when I saw the level of arguments ... low, very low. I can not help but think that Will is right.

    Now, I know that what I saw, I do not have to make it a generality, but ...

    But, you know I've never done much there, I've tried a few times, I've always been simply ignored by others. the atmosphere is not at all the same as here. I do not know why.

    I already said, I do not mind to repeat it, the atmosphere here is very very good, I like to come here people are really cool, and as Will says we help each other.

    You do not fear that clans will be created?

    I think for example, Linux-Windows, you know, some do not like many others ...

    You're the boss, just know that if the atmosphere deteriorates, I would go back to work alone in my corner, and I would regret the good time I spent here.

    One day, I heard you say that you should not want to do everything on a site. Hey, I'm listening carefully to what you're saying to me ;-)

    In summary, your idea does not really excel me to be honest ...