Comment to 'What if?'
Comment to What if?
  • The reason you invoked is right but maybe only partly. reading what I read about Boonex, I still wondered if some people were not just afraid of change.

    By change, I especially want to say that some master perfectly Dolphin, and seem to be afraid to tackle getting to know Una they do not master at all.

    I think, however, that one day, whether they want it or not, they will be forced to tackle it otherwise, tomorrow, after tomorrow, they will no longer be in the race.

    I'm thinking particularly of a person, and I'm sure you know who.

    After Rc10, I wonder if you should not make a nice demonstration video of UNA's capabilities. if you do it well it's useless to talk, the pictures will speak for themselves. They might be a good way to convince people to come and try for the irreducible.

    I noticed that people who are against Una, have been from the beginning. I think they really have a misconception of who he is. Show them.