Comment to 'What if?'
Comment to What if?
  • I would have to agree with others as well. Keeping the UNA community for those who actually use and can help support UNA is the best way to go. All of the external social platforms you mentioned have their own support communities. You wouldn't go to Microsoft's support page to get help with fixing a problem on your Macbook laptop would you? 😏 

    I would suggest if you were to do anything, I would:

    1. Complete RC10 for UNA and deploy it. 
    2. Address any fixes/patches needed for Dolphin as promised to those who still use it, and deploy it.
    3. Stop all enhancement/feature development for both UNA and Dolphin
    4. Focus development on stabilizing UNA/Dolphin with any bug/security fixes needed. 
    5. Once, all of that has been completed, you could maybe consider integrating the BoonEx site into UNA. Have both platforms supported here at one site. I mean, they are both a product of BoonEx right?

    Maybe after all of that, you can start looking into adding additional features. But remember, just like with any product, the more features you create, the more problems you can create as well. Having extensive QA testing before releasing updates/features is critical. If the UNA/BoonEx team does not have the time or ability to test in a 'user mode' fashion, then pick some folks from here to test it out for you. 

    My 2 cents worth. 😁