Comment to 'What if?'
Comment to What if?
  • Just one cent from my side: please stay independent and open source as long as possible. Please do not mix your uniqueness with oldfashioned ideas. Please replace NON open source solutions (ex. google maps...) with open source ones (OSM and others...) and specialize on that. Stay to make it 'the better way round'. 

    What (I guess) people/users need, is an alternative to the very well known social media sharks. The majors, who say 'share economy' but have 'It's about Your money stupid' in their minds.

    I use this great UNA (after a learning and paying period with dolphin) for an austrian project called 'facts instead of fake' as one of the slogans.  We have a far right governement since the last elections in oct 2017 and I'm preparing a community of civil rights and public involvement.

    One of my main arguments is: We have do setup our community in a new way, leaving mainstream ++. So we have to use alternative tools. --> UNA -->

    So please set the focus on UNA until it's stable and bugfree, well documented and supported.