Comment to 'Amazing! Thank You! :)'
  • Hey Peter. I could not agree with you more. I've been around quite a while, too. I found Dolphin many years ago and spent a lot of time making it look like a business site - rather than one about relationships. Now UNA looks like a business site right out of the box, depending upon which template you are using. Funny, huh? 

    More templates and awesome features are on the way to increase the versatility even more.The Team here work hard and fearlessly go where others have not gone before. They all deserve to be rich.  :) 

    During a recent upgrade, Alex - the King of Coders - stopped what he was doing to get my site fixed. He took my hand like I was a little child and led me to a careless error which I had made in my settings. I will never forget it.

    We are all blessed to be a part of this magnificent endeavor. Cheers!

            David Anderson   USA