Comment to 'Look as if I'll be leaving UNA behind this December'
  • Thank you for your feedback @James Prince ! The price increase indeed only affects new subscribers. All current subscribers will be grandfathered indefinitely.

    We will also consider and experiment with some other pricing plans.

    Additionally, I'd like to point out that with v13 we are adding a number of new modules, overhauled design and a significantly updated codebase, especially in relation to security, layout structure and performance. The new native apps are on the way too.

    We do expect the releases to happen a lot quicker now. The biggest delay was due to a platform-wide security audit and styling system overhaul.

    As for the community, along with the updated core we are releasing a few free modules and recently made Artificer template free.

    With all that said, I'd like to hear more about what do you believe is the right and fair price for the Pro plan is and why.