Comment to 'Locations Map'
Comment to Locations Map
  • This module probably does not work.

    Fresh instalation Una10RC1 and Map provider is Esri.WorldStreetMap

    Settings - Show locations for Persons and Online profiles

    Settings - Selected by default for Persons and Online profiles

    If I try to set Location in Add or Edit Profile - then I see "This page can't load Google Maps correctly.". But provider is still Esri.WorldStreetMap.

    Is it any bug?

    • If you're facing problems with the Location field on your forms - then this has nothing to do with the Locations Map module. The module is not affecting the behavior of that field. The module displays various items' locations on an interactive map. But the Location field on your forms still relies on Google's services, i.e. you must configure your Google API keys in order for that field to work properly. Currently there is no way to override geolocation in UNA to make it work with some other geolocation service provider than Google.
      So, no, it is not a bug. It is an UNA's limitation. You can add your request to remove that limitation here: