Comment to 'Locations Map'
Comment to Locations Map
  • I believe we have to describe our point of view here and let the people judge.The Locations Map indeed supports a variety of map providers including Wikimedia and OSM - it can use any of those providers to display and manage a map. But nowhere in its description it was promised that the module somehow will affect the "Location" field on a various edit forms, where the geocoding happens.When you realized that the module is not affecting the Location field we've explained you that you have to wait for UNA 11 release where the Location field should become customizable and support other geocoding services besides Google: from our side we decided to help people that are still willing to use Location field with no Google services involved and who doesn't want to wait for UNA 11 so we've contacted you and offered this solution. That new module (currently named as Profile Location) is not a replacement to the Locations Map, it is just a way to make the Location field working without Google Services. But you have started to insist to simply switch the license from one module to another even if the Profile Location module is a totally different in its functionality than the Locations Map.Later you've asked to switch the license from Locations Map to Events Map module intending to somehow redesign it to work for profiles instead of events (by replacing the word EVENTS for PERSON or PROFILE as you said). We've explained you then that this is not how things work - you can't just rename the module to make it work for a totally different data/module. Here is our statement regarding this back in August:

    I repeat the Events Map shows ONLY Events. By renaming it to Persons Map you will not change its behavior, it will not start showing profiles. That is a totally different module.You want to have a map of profiles. Events Map can not be used for that at all. Instead you have 3 choices:a) Configure Google API key to make the Location field working (this is free of any charges till a significant usage threshold)b) Wait for UNA 11 releasec) Request a custom module which would allows profile owners to specify their location without using the default Location field.

    Your reply was that you're going with option b) but 2 days later you've added that you're interested in c) too. So we've created the module but you've started to ask to switch the license again even if we've already discussed this a few weeks ago in details, including our policy regarding switching licenses. You either don't understand that just the Profile Location module will not give you a map of all profiles available or you're intentionally and implicitly trying to get two modules by the price of one.To summarize - we tried to help you, we reached you with an offer to make the Location field work like you want it to work to make the Location Map module not pointless for you personally if you don't want to wait for UNA 11 release or rely on Google Services for Location field. But something went wrong...