Comment to 'my site Notifications module won't show any settings and is turned off'
  • If you haven't the possibility to reinstall the Albums app then with this error you need to perform the following actions:

    1) backup the UNA database completely and bx_timeline_handlers and sys_alerts tables also separately.

    2) run the following query:

    delete FROM `bx_timeline_handlers` WHERE `group` like 'bx_albums%';

    3) try to install the Notifications app again

    4) if you still have the DB errors then run this set of queries:

    delete FROM `bx_timeline_handlers` WHERE `group` like 'bx_albums%';

    delete FROM `sys_alerts` WHERE `unit` like 'bx_albums%';

    delete FROM `bx_notifications_handlers` WHERE `alert_unit` like 'bx_albums%';

    5) go the Studio Dashboard, clear all caches and then install the Notifications again