Comment to 'What are the some good tricks to speedup your homepage?'
  • I noticed last day total query number on logged in homepage is very high even though Dbcache is active.For several hours I was testing each module on and off (attention dont do this on your production server you will lose all settings additional menu items etc. attached to moıdule) to see if any of them may be creating the 10000+ sql queries on the logged in homepage. After hopeless attemps on modules.I started to test the page blocks, disabled all first and enabled one by one, leaving always one block in the page and after many tests I guess I found a bad boy:Upon the report of the profiler while dbcache is enabled The multi functional create post block is doing almost 10000 queries alone in every page load which may take 1.8 seconds, this is more then all other 27 modules and 11 page blocks in my production server who creates a total of 5-6000 queries.)

    The other simple post block is only ~1000 queries and 0,0019 seconds.

    Here we have to consult Alex T⚜️ :1. is this a normal behaviour or there is a bug with that block?

    2. This block is not changing cant we cache this one? "Enable page blocks cache" is selected but in the profiler reports it says no blocks are cached, how can we make the blocks cached?

    3. In the 4th picture the block is behaving normal . it happens like this:Developer>Pages>Settings> Enable page cache (I used 60 seconds)reload page a few timespage settings> Disable page cache = 0 secondsEnable profilerReload page

    after this sequence create post and create post public starts to behave normally. yet I couldnt catch with what they start to go to 10000 queries.