Comment to 'What are the some good tricks to speedup your homepage?'
  • This is a great read about DB tuning and how we can speed up the site. Alternatively, I believe we can create a replica of the primary DB and make it READ ONLY, this way when folks come to my site mainly to browse around, they can be directed to the READ node instance, and users who write articles & blogs etc they can be directed to Read/Write instance.. I was wondering if this is doable, if so, how can we keep the 2 instances on both nodes in sync without manual replication.. Please keep in mind, I'd like to setup such a replication for performance purposes only and not necessary for DR. The failover is another subject.    Lastly, I was wondering if UNA compresses & optimizes pictures and mp4 Vids automatically when they are uploaded to the site ?  Thx.

    • Hello AJ Fariss !

      1) About the read and read & write databases - I guess this will not bring the big profits, requires to change the code and depends much more t=from the proper MySQL server setup.

      2) Yes, UNA compresses / resizes the pictures and videos for better "work" on the site.