Comment to 'Profile Cards'
Comment to Profile Cards
  • Useful app. Some updates need to be done. 

    1. Being able to centre the information, now it looks weird cause name is the centre but everything is left aligned 

    2. Putting a character limit to display for person description. Some people have a long bio and the card becomes long. It should be a main preview of the profile. 

    3. Style C1 only shows the quick informer icon when you hover over the profile image, once you move the mouse to click on it, the icon disappears. 

    I'll have some feedback as I play around with it. It,s a fantastic start. Thank you 

    • Thank you for your feedback. The version 1.1.0 has been released.

      1. We've added the style A3 which is similar to A2 but with everything centered. 

      2. Added a setting to control max characters per "Info Line"

      3. Fixed.