Comment to 'Profile Cards'
Comment to Profile Cards
  • I'm still loving this app but I'm back for more feature requests. Can we please have the ability to add more info lines of metadata with maybe a limit of 5 or 6 lines. People really like reading a lot about the user at a glance without clicking on the profile card. 

    • You can put multiple fields per info line. So you can have any number of fields in a single Info Line.Adding more than 2 lines will break the B1, B2, B3 card styles.

      • We've released an update V1.1.1, which allows to put tags into info lines templates. So you can put lets say "[city]<br />[description]" directly into the info line template row which will move the [description] to the next line. Be aware that while using the Info Lines builder the template will be updating as a comma separated list, so if you will have custom text/tags inside info lines templates then I'd suggest to save them prior to using the builder and then put those custom text/tags back where necessary.