Comment to 'What's up with Jot/Messenger?'
  • Hmm, I've been with Boonex/UNA for 13 years... am familiar with the team.

    Did you know that I'm the one who suggested OpenStreetMap?

    After I updated to v13.0.0-B2, Messenger broke. Alexey fixed it on my site and planned to release update same day. He also pointed out problem with Jot Server exists. I assumed Jot Server update which he gave me thumb up. Must be misunderstanding.

    Checked and Jot Server was running. Port opened since 2018.

    Primary domain running https and I'm like WTF?!

    In Jot Server config, changed root path and pm2 restarted. In Messenger settings, changed ip to different domain on same server. Problem solved.