Comment to 'darlec's repost'
Comment to darlec's repost
  • Sorry for my not perfect English, but I should to warn about AQB Soft. They are not honest vendor.

    Few weeks ago I bought Locations Map module for 30 USD.

    In description of Locations Map module we can read "It supports a variety of map providers and styles, including  Maps,  and many others". That is NOT completely true.

    There is only ONE serious provider of AUTOCOMPLETE Location on the world - Google. GOOGLE with horrible prices. But I have discovered it AFTER PURCHASE.

    Without AUTOCOMPLETE - field LOCATION in Una script DOES NOT WORK.

    And all this Locations Map module is completely USELESS for me.


    2 days after my purchase I wanted REPLACE my Locations Map License for Events Map License (30 USD too). I wanted to rework Events Map for Profile and Person utility. AQB Soft answered, that will to create new module with marker on map for Persons.

    Without my incident new module Profile Location was never built.


    Profile Location (20 USD) is now issued and I want to REPLACE my Locations Map License for Profile Location License.

    AQB Soft answered, that is impossible. I tell you what is impossible (niemożliwe to w dupie otworzyć parasol).


    On normal market - if vendor sold wrong product, he replace it for good product. 3 minutes of work.

    But AQB Soft doesn't know normal marketing rules.


    I will not spend 50 USD for funny gadget like map for site (30 spended and 20 for new module)



    AQB Soft are not honest vendor. If you want to buy module, better think 3 times.