Comment to 'How to create a drop-down menu in the Navigation bar?'
  • Woowww LeonidS . What a great tutorial! Thank you so much for helping. It works. It have successfully created a dropdowm menu.🙂 

    To be honest, I would not be able to figure out how to do it without your assistance.

    This tutorial is very important and should be added to the Wiki section here on

    I got few small things to point out:

    A) In point #9, you forgot to mention to also choose the style. I have chosen 'Style: Vertical Block Submenu'.

    BTW, Here on, are you using Style: 'Vertical Block Submenu' or 'Site Dropdown Navigation'?

    B) The custom menu with the dropdown works well on the desktop, but on the mobile, the menu points in the dropdown don't show. The screen is just blank (empty). Am I missing something? How to get the menu points in the dropdown to also show on mobile? I have checked the custom menu 'Community' here on, all its menu points in the dropdown (people, groups, Discussions etc) show well on mobile

    C) About the 'More' dropdown menu point in the navigation bar: It seems that menu points are automatically added into the 'More' menu when there is no space to display them on the navigation bar, right? Now, how to control which menu points should be shown in the 'More' dropdown menu?

    Example: I would like to display 2 or 3 menu points only in the navigation bar (e.g: Home, Community and Pricing) and send all the remaining menu points like (Channels, Wiki, About us etc) to the 'More' menu point. Hope it makes sense. Please, how to do it?