Comment to 'How to create a drop-down menu in the Navigation bar?'
  • Hello @LeonidS Thank you for this! It was very easy to follow.

    My problem is that the menu is not displaying correctly, after clearing cache.

    I used the first dropdown style option. How do I fix to display like the main site navigation menu?


    • Hi @RJ Arsenault It's because you selected 'Site Dropdown Navigation' as a style option in the step #9 of LeondiS's tutorial. I made the same mistake because the name of this optiojn is misleading and doesn't work as expected. It's the first dropdown style option in the list and it happens that it doesn't display the dropdown correctly in the frontend maybe due to some CSS issues in UNA (I don't know, I am just guessing). You should use 'Vertical Links' Style instead as @LeonidS mentioned it in his above.

      To fix it, please go to the Navigation App > Menus. Then Search for the custom menu you created which doesn't display correctly (in your case, it's the menu 'Find'), and edit it by choosing 'vertical Links' Style, not 'Vertical Links (Lite)'. It should work. Hope it helps.