Comment to 'The new Messenger'
  • Hello @OneEagle,

    Yes, you are right. You can create talks ( to view + icon to create talks) in Direct area. It allows to create private talks.  Also + icon is available in the bottom menu where you can see modules or pages. There are the all talks which are connected with modules/pages where Messenger blocks exist. 

    For example: if you have Talk block on groups view page, then in new Messenger's menu this talks will be available in Inbox area (there are the all your talks) and in Groups module section in the bottom. Now you can create any number of talks connected with one page in any module where you have talk's block. It means one module's page/page can have many Talks with the same groups of members. Also you can create many Direct talks with the same list of members and set Titles for  the Talks.