Comment to 'Messenger 11.0.4'
Comment to Messenger 11.0.4
  • Hi,

    does this missing key "_create_lot_title_" shows only at our site or is it missing to you too? 

    What would be the correct words for that key?


    • Seems like you have lost this language key _bx_messenger_lots_menu_create_lot_titleCheck please in polyglot, this key should exist for your current language. Default english translation is - Create new talk

      • Hi Alexey! I have checked the key in Polyglot and it exist as you wrote but when I hover with a mouse over an square icon with a pencil it does not show as "Create new talk" but as a key as you can see in a picture I've sent before. The web site name when clicked on that icon changes from "Messenger" to "Create new talk"  It is new una installation without any changes.....