Comment to 'Embedded Videos are NOT centered in Discussions or Posts Mods ?'
  • Hello AJ Fariss !

    THis embedded video generates own style with the set big left margin (550px !important) for the .bx-base-text-entity-content p:last-child, .bx-base-text-entity-content h2:last-child, .bx-base-text-entity-content h1:last-child  CSS class. You may try to reduce it via Custom Styles area of your template mix, but it's better to check the embed settings.

    • Thanks LeonidS you actually gave me hint as to what I was doing wrong. 560px is the default width from youtube, but I changed it to 760px to make the video bigger and now after I set it back to 560px, the video is still not quite in the center, but at least the users can see the PLAY button and see video.  Thanks.