Comment to 'Popup Blocks'
Comment to Popup Blocks
  • Very useful, I use all areas of site so to see so many blocks on page can become cumbersome if a person were to view the profile. Also the price is good. I wish your field and category apps were around the same price. I find this price more worth it.

    • Can you please make events and courses able to be used in the module as well. I did not see show on the list of options when looking through it. 

      • The module shows all blocks that are currently available for a page. So if you need events then first add that block to a page as a regular block and then it should appear as an option in the Popup Blocks. After adding it there you can deactivate or even delete the regular block. 

        • That would make sense, Since I reinstalled I have no added events back to profiles to show. Thank you.