Comment to 'Predictions for Social Networks in 2020...'
  • Very well put Mark P personally i'm making a vaping social platform where i bring big brands that sell e-cigarettes/manufacture them and people that use them together. planet of the vapes is a forum site and i found myself going from one site to another trying to find info on a product or other info about e-cigarettes. from youtube to facebook groups to forum sites like planet of the vapes so on its a headache so i'm making it a one stop shop for everything vape.

    Vaping is much more than nick replacement therapy it has spawned a community like structure. and i like it as i'm a vaper my self i find my self standing in vape shops talking with the staff for a few hours. same with other people that vape before long the shop is mobbed with people talking.

    that's what i'm building

    anyways peace out